HOPE thru Navigation are the EXPERTS in providing wraparound, specialized Navigation to a diverse, marginalized, low-income population with unique point of entry start to finish service & support routes. The Tiny Houses of HOPE Pilot Project (THOHP) consists of six tiny, affordable, live, work, inspired housing units with complimentary on-site, full service, individualized navigation.


JABS is Fighting Back against BULLYING on the playground, in the classrooms, and at our bus stops. We are opening the dialogue about bullying, its effects on our youth, what to do if you are being bullied, and its prevention. We are using SELF-DEFENSE, DANCING, ART, and other nontraditional methods to express the negative feelings and emotions associated with being bullied in a positive and healthy way.

Criminal Justice

Our staff provides individualized support for those traumatized by the criminal justice system and its many layers, understanding that a one-size-fits all approach does not meet the needs of every person and their lived experiences. Through our services and outreach efforts, we are Leveling the Social Justice Playing Field for the diverse, marginalized, low-income population that we serve.

Substance Use

HOPE thru Navigation is dedicated to helping people living with Addiction and Substance Use Disorder. We have seen first-hand the positive difference it makes in our clients lives and their journey of recovery when provided with access to basic needs and a navigation route to success that is uniquely tailored to their own points of need.

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