J.A.B.S. (Justice Against Bullying @School)

JABS is Fighting Back against BULLYING on the playground, in the classrooms, and at our bus stops. We are opening the dialogue about bullying, it’s effects on our youth, what to do if you are being bullied, and its prevention.


We are using SELF-DEFENSE, DANCING, ART, and other nontraditional methods to express the negative feelings and emotions associated with being bullied in a positive and healthy way.


As we enter changed times, there is much work to do in Kalamazoo to raise awareness and reach youth.  At JABS we refer to this as the Raise and Reach Effect. In order to put an end to Bullying and the effects it has on our youth, in our schools, and in our communities we must RAISE Awareness. We as family, friends, teachers, community leaders, and law enforcement must  Stand Up and Speak Out. As a community we must stand with all the youth who have been and continue to be bullied and let them know we care about their education and their safety and are committed to Raise and Reach in our schools, on are playgrounds, bus stops, social media, and in the communities we live and play.


We are optimistic with your help we can Raise (Awareness) and Reach (Youth) 100 in 2017. We are recruiting allies to join JABS (Justice Against Bullying @ Schools) Anti-Bully Squad (ABS). The Anti-Bully Squad’s  primary responsibility is Standing Up and Speaking Out about Bullying at school and in the community. If a ABS Member witness’s Bullying they pledge to follow the ABS Contract of Conduct. Can we depend on your support by committing to a couple of hours of  your time for an event or weekly JABS Club; donating snacks or refreshments for meetings or field trips; or a tax-deductible monetary contribution to assist with operation/program costs?


 Do you know any youth (boys or girls) who may be interested in being a part of JABS and getting the word out?


JABS Slime Club meets from 4:30pm-6:30pm on Wednesdays at New Village Park, located at 2400 St. Albans Way, Kalamazoo, MI 49048. JABS heARTS and Crafts Club meets on Thursdays from 5:00pm-6:30pm at Vine Neighborhood Association, located at 806 S. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo MI 49008. Refreshments and adult supervision are provided. For additional information, please reach out to (269) 443-3073.

Grieving Into Future Triumphs (GIFT)

Grieving Into Future Triumphs (GIFT) is a program of intentional problem solving, critical thinking, and resiliency to support and empower youth and their families who have experienced a loss of a friend, loved one, or teacher due to gun violence, COVID-19, and/or car accident where drugs and/or alcohol were involved – Car Rehabilitative Accident Survivor Help (CRASH).

Kalamazoo Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence (KAP)

Kalamazoo Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence (KAP) is a collaborative approach to supporting individuals and families impacted by gun violence, with a focus on impacted youth and their families. Changing local and state policies on gun violence, providing training such as Active Shooter & Stop the Bleed, Conflict Resolution, and strengthening impacted neighborhoods by intentional engagement through active input and listening from those impacted.