Criminal Justice

HOPE thru Navigation is paving the way to recovery, self-sufficiency, and trauma resiliency for our community members detoured in life by imprisonment, addiction, homelessness, and discrimination by Providing Specialized Wrap-Around Navigation Services and Support (WANNS) offered through our organization and many community partnerships.


We are Leveling the Social Justice Playing Field for the diverse, marginalized, low-income population that we serve. Our staff provides individualized support for those traumatized by the criminal justice system and its many layers, understanding that a one-size-fits all approach does not meet the needs of every person and their lived experiences.


The proof is in the numbers as well as the success stories we hear from our clients and beyond. Statistics show that recidivism and relapse rates are lowered by 72% when someone coming out of incarceration and/or substance abuse treatment program has access to affordable housing and employment resources within 30-45 days (Smart Justice). The likelihood of a successful outcome is further increased when access is provided to additional basic needs such as food, clothing, IDs, bus tokens, phones, and gift cards, which are all encompassed in our unique navigation services tailored to the population we serve.


In addition to the services we provide and our outreach efforts, many of our Initiatives of HOPE have been established to address immediate and emerging needs of those traumatized by the criminal justice system and/or gun violence.

Felons Link 2 Family

Felons Link 2 Family is an Initiative of HOPE focused on providing direct support to incarcerated individuals by helping with immediate needs, facilitating connections with outside support systems, and navigating clients forward with the services provided by our organization and many community partners.